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Specialty Services From Rockwell Dentistry

Sep 12

At Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown and Hamilton, NJ, you will be able to get any kind of dental care you need.  Drs. Alex and Dawn Rockwell offer general dentistry, family dentistry, and emergency dentistry in Middletown Township, NJ.  All this is done comfortably with various kinds of sedation so you don’t have to fear going to the dentist.

But besides all this, Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown Township also offers several different specialty dental services.


When teeth come in crooked, the Middletown dentists at Rockwell Dentistry can fit you with invisible braces.  The doctors design a custom-made aligner that you wear for a few weeks.  Most people don't even notice you are wearing the Invisalign braces.  Then after a few weeks, you move into a different aligner in the series.  You keep doing this until your smile is perfect.  The process takes several months but depends on how crooked your teeth are.  Most people are just thrilled with the results and delighted that no one noticed the braces.

Botox Treatments 

Another service offered by our dentist in Middletown is Botox treatments.  Botox treats a number of problems including TMJ and chronic migraines.  Botox is injected to calm down muscle contractions.  When the muscles can’t contract, the skin smooths out and you will see fine lines and wrinkles disappear.  In the case of TMJ, the pain is often alleviated because the jaw is not able to constantly clench.  The same is true for migraines – when the muscles in the neck and facial area stop clenching, often migraines calm down.

Dermal Fillers

Our family dentist in Middletown at Rockwell Dentistry also offers dermal fillers.  These fillers are injected into the skin in the area of your mouth and nose.  It fills in fine lines and wrinkles.

Sports Dentistry

We all know that playing sports is good for kids.  It’s also good for adults.  But if you or your kids are involved in sports, be sure you have the best dentist in Middletown looking out for you.  Contact sports like football are notorious for causing dental injuries.  Even a sport that is not supposed to be a contact sport, like baseball, can still result in a ball in the face.

Make sure you and your kids have a custom-designed mouthguard.  Even though we are your best emergency dentist in Middletown, we’d all rather avoid the injury in the first place.

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